The E-learning Platform

Our mission is to train future entrepreneurs with skills they will need to start, grow and manage their business.

The E-learning Platform provides an access to a 6 months training with different sorts of courses. With this training, it will be possible for the students to bring their business ideas into reality. The e-learning platform is the perfect toll to acquire the knowledge needed to start a company but also to run a business. It provides a large catalogue of courses made up of PDF file and videos. The students can also chat together about different subject which is a very good way to exchange some tips or find any solution if the need arises. Moreover, a personal follow-up with statistics gives the students an overview of their progress. Plus, they can also test their knowledge or understanding though different quiz.

The greatest advantage of the e-learning platform is the autonomy required from the students. They can learn by themselves which means that they can manage their work time as they want and follow the most interesting courses for them. This provides a very personalization training for every student and a personal support and needs at the same time.

If you are planning on starting a business but are not quite sure how to, The European School of Entrepreneurship is for you !

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